David Colebourn | Development Director

David is an experienced professional in the construction industry, with a career spanning over three decades, starting as an apprentice electrician in 1994 and working for contractors around the NW of England. In 2006, David started an electrical contracting business working with local housing associations and property developers.

In 2010, David shifted his focus to property development and operational management, embarking on a fruitful partnership with a developer to acquire and develop HMOs. Building on this success, he expanded his operations in 2014 to include student halls and hostels in Liverpool city centre. Taking charge of a struggling portfolio of over two hundred student pods and studios on behalf of leaseholders and investors, David showcased his expertise by transforming the properties into profitable ventures, generating positive returns on investment.

In 2018, David's ambitious expansion efforts led to the acquisition of a prominent student accommodation building on Bold Street, a renowned location in Liverpool. Demonstrating his vision and adaptability, he successfully redeveloped the property into a captivating boutique hotel, which was completed just as the pandemic struck in 2020. Despite the challenging circumstances, Hotel 105, as it is now known, has emerged as a sought-after and distinctive venue in the vibrant Rope Walks Conservation Area.

David's unwavering resilience and strategic leadership during the pandemic have earned him recognition and admiration from suppliers and partners. Notably, a senior manager within Liverpool City Council has recommended him as "One of our developers that delivers." With his sights set on further acquisitions, David is poised to continue expanding his operations and leaving a positive mark on the dynamic property development landscape.


Jennifer Morris | Operations Director

Jennifer is a highly accomplished and dedicated Operations Director who is passionate about delivering exceptional service. With over fifteen years of experience in operational management, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role at VOYA. Jennifer is widely recognised for her resourcefulness, exceptional organizational skills, and outstanding leadership and team-building abilities.

Known for her keen ability to assess operational requirements, Jennifer consistently develops innovative solutions that drive cost reduction, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction. As a key member of the VOYA team, she oversees the operational department, ensuring that the company is consistently progressing towards its goals.

In addition to her role at VOYA, Jennifer is also the esteemed licensee for Hotel 105, further showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and diverse skill set.

Jennifer Phillips | Relationship Manager

Jennifer is a seasoned investor who brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Relationship Manager on VOYA's board. With a successful tenure as Director at a client company from 2014 to 2022, she has a proven track record of fostering strong relationships.

Jennifer plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless communication between VOYA's Directors and shareholders. Through the innovative VOYA Stakeholder Relationship Portal, she diligently provides monthly progress reports, ensuring that stakeholders are well-informed and engaged. Jennifer's unwavering commitment to efficient and effective communication reinforces the company's dedication to fostering a strong bond with its shareholders.


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